Hello and welcome to the CUNY Commons page for English 307: Survey of American Literature from Origins to the Civil War! Please note that this is not a students-only Commons page; rather, it is public-facing site built for the purpose of archiving and showcasing student projects and pedagogical materials used for this course, which is offered at Hunter College (CUNY) and taught by Austin Bailey.

While this page was built in the Fall semester of 2023, it will serve as an ongoing repository for projects and artifacts gathered from this course across multiple courses and semesters. The central aim of this site is to highlight the dynamic and creative multimodal work students who take this course are regularly completing, to enable Hunter students to see each other’s work, and to give this excellent work an enduring digital platform.

Above you will find a menu of options. Under “Syllabus,” I have included one sample syllabus from Fall of 2023, as well as reproduced what I feel are some key highlights from that syllabus (including a brief overview of my approach to ungrading this course). It’s possible more will be added in the future. Under the tab “About Student Projects” you will find a category guide that explains and offers a brief introduction to each type of assignment being archived here, in some instances with links to helpful resources. See, for instance, the Research Paper page for a treasure trove of useful links, particularly relevant for those who teach at Hunter College but useful for anyone. Under the “Student Projects Archive” you will find the running archive of student projects sorted by category. All projects have been archived with student permission, and some reach back prior to 2023.